Natural treatment for chronic allergy | Planet Ayurveda : Allergy care pack of Planet Ayurveda is a complete solution for all types of allergies and it acts a…
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Food allergy or food intolerance?

Is It a Food Allergy or Intolerance? The most common food allergies are: Milk Eggs Peanuts Tree nuts (such as almonds, cashews, walnut. Friend us: Food Aller…

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Latest Allergies News

Seasonal Allergies: What They Are and How to Treat Them
They can strike at any time — and when they do, check your dignity at the door. Seasonal allergies have the uncanny ability to turn even the most composed of us into a heaving, snotty mess in the blink of an eye. Those of us who suffer from them know …
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iPads Can Trigger Nickel Allergies in Kids
The incident highlights the importance of considering "metallic-appearing electronics and personal effects as potential sources of nickel exposure" and nickel allergy, wrote Drs. Sharon Jacob and Shehla Admani, dermatologists at the University of …
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Medical Journal: Electronic Devices Can Cause Nickel Allergies To Flare Up
“They're made of stainless steel, but they can have alloys that have nickel in them.” Meanwhile, allergist Dr. Clifford Bassett of Allergy & Asthma Care of New York said he is seeing more patients with skin rashes as a result of gadgets made with nickel.
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New Inhaled Drug Could Treat Asthma, Allergies

New Inhaled Drug Could Treat Asthma, Allergies
Researchers tested the drug in one group of 36 allergy patients and another group of 29 people with mild asthma, randomly giving patients either quilizumab or an inactive placebo. In the study, patients were exposed to allergens and then blood samples …
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Some Acne Products Can Trigger Allergic Reactions
"There is currently no mention of the possibility of these very severe allergic reactions on the product labels," Dr. Mona Khurana, a medical officer at FDA, said in an agency news release. "It's important that consumers know about them, and that they …
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Do I Have a Food Allergy or Just Intolerance?
Reactions to food allergies occur immediately, within two hours or less, while food intolerance reactions are delayed, sometimes occurring up to 72 hours after a particular food has been ingested. In the case of a food allergy, a small amount — even …
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Salt the Wound – I Swear the Visine Is for My Allergies

Salt the Wound – I Swear the Visine Is for My Allergies

from Carnal Repercussions

Price: USD 0.99
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New Super Digestive Enzyme, DZ10, Supercharges The Digestion Process

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2014

For those who are unfamiliar with enzymes, they are the reason why are bodies can readily absorb the nutrients in food. The enzymes literally break up the vitamins and minerals into tiny particles that are small enough to be absorbed by human bodies. According Dr. Henry Balzani, Medical Consultant to the DZ10 team, a lack of enzymes in regular food is the cause of many gastrointestinal health issues.

DZ10 is a product that was started by Michelle DelPresto, a mother of 3 who is passionate about fitness and health. She claims that over the years various digestive enzymes have helped her and she now wants to help others with the super enzymes she has discovered.

“You’re not alone! Low or lack of vital enzymes from today’s foods contributes to bloating, fatigue, IBS(irritable bowel syndrome), food allergies, stomach aches, gas, toxicity and so much more,” says Johnny Mathis, a spokesperson at DZ10.

DZ10 has created a supplement that is loaded with three very powerful enzymes, Protease, Amylase and Lipase. These enzymes are well known for their ability to break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This is meant to counteract several of the stomach related discomforts that many adults deal with on a daily basis.

After adults reach the age of 20, their bodies begin to lose the ability to produce enzymes naturally. By the age of 50, most adults have already lost 30% of their total digestive enzymes. As the body ages, it becomes increasingly difficult to produce these chemicals. Dr. Balzani also warns that most frozen foods and foods that are made to be preserved for a prolonged period of time are completely void of any enzymes and are extremely difficult to digest.

Johnny Mathis for DZ10 was quoted as saying, “Insufficient enzyme production is at the root of much “tummy trouble” and digestive problems and it costs Americans $ 50 billion each year!”

The DZ10 enzyme supplement is being marketed as a product that should be taken with every, or at least most, meals. They claim that introducing these enzymes along with food into the body will greatly improve digestion. This is especially true with older individuals who suffer from digestive issues on a regular basis.

As of right now the DZ10 enzyme supplement is ready for production but the company is seeking starting funds via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. These funds will help them to mass produce their product in a more significant way. In order to entice potential backers, the company will be offering their product at a discounted price for those who decide to contribute. Although contributors will have to wait until post-production to receive their enzyme supplements, DZ10 claims that since the product has already been formulated and manufactured the perks are guaranteed to ship. Those who take part in this pre-sale will also be allowed to provide the company with feedback on their product.

Contact Information:


269 S. Beverly Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Phone No: 18882430221

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SmartHome Device Neoji Protects Homeowners and Vulnerable Residents with Intelligent Safety and Health Features

Paris, France (PRWEB) June 26, 2014

Neoji, the all-in-one smart home device, allows homeowners to be safe, secure and proactive, not only for security of the home, but also for the safety and health of vulnerable residents like the elderly and children.

Neoji’s safety features include smart sound, movement, presence detection, HD camera and voice recognition systems that alert users of potential problems. For example, if someone falls, a baby cries, or an unrecognized voice or sound is heard, Neoji is designed to instantly send alerts to the best person who can take action.

Neoji adapts to what is safe and ordinary in the home. It continues learning over time. It can recognize the typical sounds of your household, regular activities, or the voices of family members and friends. The homeowner programs notifications to be sent to themselves, a neighbor, a family member, the police, or even a doctor if something is out of the norm. So if the owner is far from home, help will be summoned instantly.

Neoji is also equipped with air quality sensors that detect humidity, a gas leak, the presence of smoke, or other air pollutants like carbon monoxide. Its high sensitivity sensors also monitor airborne allergen levels and humidity levels which is crucial for people suffering from respiratory complaints, COPD, asthma or allergies.

Temperature controls detect any unusual changes which could be caused by an open window or door, or a malfunctioning appliance that needs to be addressed. Sensors can also detect if a stove is left on or water tap is left running.

Neoji is compatible with any smart device on an entirely open platform that can be used by any developer.

Neoji is currently taking pre-orders on its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for homeowners who are interested in a safer home for their families.

Additionally, for every unit sold, a tree will be planted or preserved to bolster biodiversity and naturally reduce CO2 emissions.

For more information please visit:

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My Results- Crohn’s and Food Allergy Testing

The result of my experience trying to get Food Allergy Tested so I could get some answers for my Crohn’s.
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Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) is a rare food allergy. Learn more about this serious condition as these families share their stories wit…
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BedMart Mattress Superstores Donate 206 Mattresses to Shelter Network

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) June 24, 2014

BedMart Mattress Superstores will be hosting their third annual Tempur-Pedic Donation & Community event on Wednesday, June 25th from 11:30am until 1pm at their distribution center, located at 10200 SW Commerce Circle, Wilsonville, OR 97070.

BedMart today announced a donation totaling 206 mattresses to eight nonprofit organizations that provide transitional housing in the Portland area. The mattresses will outfit temporary residence for people experiencing homelessness. Donations of 10 to 35 mattresses are being made to Central City Concern, Macdonald Center, New Avenues for Youth, Janus Youth Programs, Portland Rescue Mission, Transition Projects, Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest, and Luke-Dorf. All organizations share a connection beyond their Transitional Housing missions, as they all provide comprehensive support services that help individuals, families, and children.

BedMarts number one focus is the comfort and support for the families we serve everyday. This drove our involvement in transitional housing because even people without a home should have a safe, comfortable place to sleep, says Elana Stone, Vice President and Spokeswoman of BedMart Mattress Superstores. Our BedMart family is proud to contribute to such great causes because were a local company supported by the local community, being able to reciprocate and give back means everything to us.

BedMart Mattress Superstores invites members of the community to attend their mattress donation event on June 25th to learn more about these organizations impact on their communities and fight against homelessness. Additionally, a local food cart will be serving lunch sponsored by BedMart. For details, contact Elana Stone at estone(at)sleepsmartnw(dot)com or (503) 546-3314.

About BedMart Mattress Superstores

BedMart is a locally owned and family operated business serving Portland, Bend, and Salem Oregon. Since 1992, we have been offering our customers the best selection of mattresses at the best price. We offer an extensive line of mattresses and accessories including innerspring, memory foam, latex, allergy friendly, and natural mattresses, bed protectors, and pillows. Our professionally trained sleep experts are here to assist you in finding the right mattress for your body and budget.

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Asthma: Advancing Guidelines and Action Plans

New information and treatment considerations for Asthma.
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Exercise Induced Asthma Treatment - Omega 3 and Asthma

Exercise Induced Asthma Treatment – Omega 3 and Asthma. Does Omega XL help people looking for exercise induced asthma treatment? Omega XL (Omega 3) Fish Oil …
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