MY PET ROBOT (Asthma & Allergy) : Black Nerd

Black Nerd gets a pet robot while fighting asthma & allergies. Sphero 2.0: SUBSCRIBE! Join the Black Nerd Cousins: …


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25 Responses to MY PET ROBOT (Asthma & Allergy) : Black Nerd

  1. Black Nerd Comedy

    Thanks everyone who liked the Sesame Street pinball reference in this
    video! Definitely one of my favorite things to do :) 

  2. yingyangdevious

    “That’s some good s**t.”
    How did I know you’d say that? 0_0



  4. CanaryRobertFTW

    I spelt that worng

  5. SlenderSphere

    I’m allergic to catapillars. And grass. Please kill me.

  6. TheSkull263

    I am allergic to nothing

  7. EctoPlasmicCheetos

    Allergies clog up my nose and Asthma is bad too. I’m allergic to a ton of
    stuff too, even Peanut Butter.

  8. pharrell kerney

    Im Allergic to fish #JINK #SPHERO

  9. Soulenne G

    Allergic to mangos? Aw, that gotta suck!

  10. Twalock

    Interestingly, my father is allergic to EVERYTHING, though… I am allergic
    to absolutely nothing. Go figure.

  11. Yoken Lafrance


  12. Jordan McClendon

    As soon as you said dont laugh I couldn’t hold it in anymore lol

  13. Cassandra Rodriguez

    Again Im allergic to fake walnuts and almonds

  14. Jesse Crowel

    I’m allergic to almost all grasses and tress, dust, cockroaches, down
    feathers, and more!

  15. camron hill

    I’m allergic to pollen. So spring and summer are when I’m clogged up like a

  16. alopez527

    how much was the meds?…”500 DOLLAS!!!…500 DOLLAS!!!!

  17. Cassandra Rodriguez

    Arty glitch I’m allergic to fake almonds and walnuts

  18. Alexa Grace

    I’m allergic to dust, dust mites (so I have to get special pillow cases and
    sheets and I’m not allowed to have any stuffed animals or anything even
    though I break that rule lol), pollen, mold, ragweed, grass, hay, cats,
    dogs, horses, rabbits, and I had asthma when I was little and now I have to
    take a puff from an inhaler every once in a while. When I was younger I
    went to an allergist and she actually said she was “sorry” for how bad my
    allergies were. I’m basically sneezing year-round and the spring is
    terrifying. I’m a mess!

  19. Seth Dillenbeck


  20. Matthew Whitelocke

    I want a Spem hero

  21. iamaminecraftplayer

    I am allergic to cats, dogs, and nuts. The allergy test was terrible cause
    I am so allergic to nuts the poked me with very small/turned down amount
    and it was still HUGE. 

  22. Candhfan621

    I am allergic to Youtube Poops made with Windows Movie Maker (except for
    ones made by ThePopcornFairy), the AVGN’s over-abundance of crap jokes, The
    Trash Pack and Sonic 06.

  23. Erica Engelhard

    I think im alergic to that winter flower…..its a flower that blooms
    during the winter..bam!

  24. Joseph Banks

    i’m allergic to sucker deejays who think you’re fly. i mean, there’s got to
    be a reason, and we know the reason why.

  25. h3yd4v3-that-girl-from-tumblr

    I’m also allergic to dog hair and cat hair. And then my Aunt has to bring
    her dogs to our family reunions. I want to stab both of those dogs