Kids food allergy cases rising

Food allergies now affect ten per cent of Australian children and some of those are so severe they face a life and death situation every day.
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8 Responses to Kids food allergy cases rising

  1. Muhammad Akhlaq

    Good learning regarding allergy issue´╗┐

  2. Katherine Pineda

    I’m allergic to egg and peanuts

  3. MovingEntity

    IT couldnt’ be the Vaccines chould it… Ask yourself what’s changed in the
    last 30 years; * mass vaccinations of various extreme substances * indirect
    GMO consumption by items in produced packaged foods We are in dire straits
    if people are becoming allergic to food or getting anti-bodies when we eat
    food that results in an auto immune attack..

  4. Miss Amanda's world

    that so called treatment is bad idea their bound to kill someone

  5. Rosco Adam

    well look @ the things in the food we eat today wake up and smell the roses

  6. Shanti Keighery

    Awww this is really sad :(

  7. Michelle Kazukaitis

    It is so great to see more awareness of food allergies. We hear from
    parents every day who feel isolated and unsure of how to manage their
    children’s diets. When others do not understand the severity of the
    situation, they are flippant in their efforts to help, and when they do
    understand, they are scared to have allergy kids at parties or social
    events. It is very tricky! We are developing an App to tackle this issue,
    which will be released later in the year.

  8. MerrowWooz

    What? The Child Is Born With A Disease. I Was Born With An Eye Disorder